About Me

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A progressive web developer with 3+ years of front end and back end experience. As a graduate of The Iron Yard Houston, I am proficient in javascript; structuring and developing responsive web apps. Also highly skilled in back end development tasks such as 3rd party API implementation, NoSQL databases, and RESTful APIs. I am seeking to apply my knowledge and further my career by obtaining a position that offers opportunities for professional growth and achievement. My management background makes me a great team member and the ability to give or take constructive advice, depending on the needs of any given project.


I am currently the web developer and graphic designer at CocoLoco LLC. I have learned how to manage people, shape culture, develop relationships with customers, sell small market products, and use best SEO practices to help improve our online presence. I primarily work on product labels and promotional materials, while also performing regular maintenence on our ecommerce websites.

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